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President - Ramesh Mandalapu
Vice President - Anuj Patel
Secretary - Barinder Ahluwalia
Treasurer - Sridhar Reddi
A Div Match Secretary - Alan Weedy
Rumors to the contrary, not withstanding, Alan is not one of the founder members of the Golden Gate Cricket Club (established in 1908). He has, however, been playing for them since 1972 and he vows to keep playing until he drops!! Alan learned his cricket with the Morpeth Cricket Club in the North of England and emigrated to Canada in 1958. He spent the next 10 years playing for the Verdun Cricket Club in Montreal and represented the winning Quebec team at the Canadian Provincial tournament he
B Div Match Secretary - Abid Farooq
Abid has a BS in Electrical Eng. from University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore, Pakistan and an MS In Electrical Eng. from the University of Utah. He worked in the telecommunications industry in the Bay Area for 35 yrs. and retired in 2009. Since then he has been volunteering for numerous non-profit org.including NCCA, which he joined as the D Div. Match Secretary and later switched to the B Div. He has been playing for Tracy CC since '05 and earlier in various social teams in Bay Area
C Div Match Secretary - Krishnan Chellakarai
Krish is well known around the league for his dedication, hardwork and committment to cricket. As C div match secretary Krish is looking forward to work with everyone.