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Raisinland Trophy Senior Squad 2001


Press Release


Senior Squad

Junior Squad


NCCA Seniors

1. Owen Graham (Caribbean - Captain)
2. Akash (Sunnyvale)
3. Faaqer Ali (Caribbean)
4. Safdar Anwar (United)
5. Deep Ghai (United)
6. Umesh Kelkar (Santa Clara)
7. Vijith Konda (Santa Clara)
8. Sri Kumar (Sunnyvale)
9. Suresh Kumar (Sunnyvale)
10.Waqas Mirza (Caribbean)
11.Tony Newman (Caribbean)
12.Mihir Patel (Cougars)
13.Sunny Singh (Cougars)
14.Abdul Sittar (United)

SCCA Seniors

1. Jeevaka Weerasinghe (Captain)
2. Nazim Shirazi (V/Capt)
3. Rodney Cutting
4. Abishek Powar
5. Maroof Khan
6. Clive Samuels
7. Imran Sarwar
8. John Zinto
9. Khalid Aziz
10.Barry Samuels
11.Amar Satputte
12.Harpeet Dhalwal

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