Match Committee

  1. ​Barry Manogaran 

  2. Natwar Agarwal


  • ​​Make decisions based on defined rules in latest standing rules passed by BoDs

  • Act on any rules violations regardless of a need to wait for someone filing a complaint

  • Provide unbiased verdict on each violation by discussing internally

  • Work with and help match secretaries wherever possible

  • Suggest any necessary rule changes to rules committee when any ambiguities are found


Umpiring Committee

  1. Sekar Sundaram

  2. ​Barry Manogaran



  • Conduct seminars and proctor exams to provide members a chance to certify

  • Train via seminars plus on-field assessments to make umpires better

  • Increase panel headcount to cover 10-12 games for weekend



Grounds Committee

  1. Sridhar Reddi

  2. Pavan Vedere

  3. Barry Manogaran



  • Help new clubs/teams in procuring grounds via providing materials to present to city/school

  • Routinely inspect grounds and suggest improvements to be made to clubs

  • Scout for new ground prospects

Tournament Committee

  1. Srikanth Buddaraju

  2. Govardhan Gayam

  3. Anuj Patel



  • Announce and Organize Tournaments

  • Take care of scheduling, umpiring assignments, awards distribution

  • Actively look for sponsorship opportunities

Financial Committee

  1. Uday Devasper (CPA)

  2. Govardhan Gayam

  3. Deval Patel



  • Work with treasurer and publish quarterly reports on financial standings

  • Keep treasurer and Execs in check to adhere to budget guidelines

  • If needed extra budget, this committee will work as a liaison between BoDs and Execs

  • Review NCCA's finances starting from 2011

  • Make sure all financial reports and tax filings are done properly and on time

Web Committee

  1. Hyder Gowher

  2. Govardhan Gayam

  3. Anuj Patel



  • Assist in getting new website set up based on budget

  • Handle social media for communications and events publishing

  • Assist in getting all old stats in one place

Disciplinary Committee​

  1. Sridhar Reddi

  2. Sekar Sundaram

  3. Deval Patel



  • Come up with disciplinary guidelines to set the bar

  • Link up with other leagues in region to align on disciplinary standards and any ban on players to extend out to all leagues

  • Enforce disciplinary standards and use same yardstick to measure each player/officials

  • Provide unbiased verdicts on any reported disciplinary issues

  • Disciplinary committee verdicts will be "FINAL" and no appeals will be allowed.